Daniel Assouline
Daniel Assouline, UpClick.com's CEO, says that generating irrelevant web traffic is sheer wastage of money. Only the traffic that boosts online business is useful. Indeed, a valuable advice from a man who is highly respected in the IT industry and who sold a business venture to Sanyo at the age of 17.

Today, he is the CEO of a flourishing e-commerce solutions business that offers excellent services to online merchants. An engineering graduate and an MBA, Assouline has what it takes to be a smashing success and a great leader.

What a great leader can do to an organization?

A good leader can push a company to towering heights despite odds, while a bad leader can pull a thriving company down to its knees.

Daniel Assouline is a businessperson who has led UpClick to success through his high commitment, diligence, integrity, interpersonal skills, problem-solving ability, and a flexible approach. Employees are humans, not machines. They have needs and moods. They need doses of motivation and recognition, just like a machine needs oiling and fuel to work.

Being a good leader means you are sensitive towards employees’ needs and benefits, are updated of the current market trends, and take each problem as an opportunity to create better strategies rather than an opportunity to complain.

Being a good leader also means you are a good listener, high in ethics, a thorough professional, believe in the ability of your subordinates, value their opinions, and lead the organization as a team.

Daniel Assouline, UpClick.com's CEO, displays all the above qualities. He is known to display a fine balance between reason and emotion. He uses logic combined with empathy to deal with his employees.

Assouline shows no ego. He is approachable and makes his employees feel comfortable. He believes that only a happy workforce can deliver the level of productivity required for reaching the peak of success.


Making the most of thriving e-market

The online market is brimming with business opportunities. This fiery CEO of UpClick has the knack to pick the right opportunities on the web. According to him, once you learn the tricks of the trade in the web world, it is easy to manage and run a flourishing business right from your home.

Assouline pays attention to creative advertising. It is one of the strong “arms” of business. He believes in generating relevant traffic and says that, in the race to create an imposing online visibility, businesses often forget to aim for relevant traffic. Projected revenue generation is the need of the hour.

His newer approach towards online business and his ability to envision things has carried him so far in so little time. He also knows well that goodwill of clients is of dire importance. That is why UpClick is known for delivering impeccable services that go beyond the usual clients' expectations.

Under the leadership of Daniel Assouline, UpClick has only seen the route that leads towards success. Of course, there have been ups and downs, like any other business, but the CEO’s refined policies and qualities have helped him sail steadily through the waves.
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