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Daniel Assouline, the Chairman of Upclick is a Humble, Visionary Leader

Experts opine that leaders whether of small organizations, family run businesses, or Fortune 500 companies must carry accomplish three things: Increase the value of the organization, hire and grow talent, and develop a vision that will lead to exceptional growth of the organization. Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Upclick, is a visionary leader who has this immense capability of seeing beyond the obvious.

Great leaders drive innovation through their exemplary vision. Their subordinates share that vision and give their best to achieve it. This is understandable since qualified leaders tie the present vision with the hope of a better future.

Experience and knowledgeable CEOs can take even small organizations to newer heights whereas a poor leader can force a large organization to prematurely down its shutters. This is because when how successful or unsuccessful an organization is directly tied to the ability and capability of the person heading it.

Organizations perform better if their CEOs perform better. Daniel Assouline is one such leader who has the utmost respect for his clients and his employees. In a very short period of time, he has created an organization where employees are always willing to give their best and customers want to stay loyal with the firm.

Accomplished leaders through their vision and decision drive innovation. Some of the other important qualities of successful leaders are as following:


Sound Hiring policies and Nurturing of Talent

A good leader aligns the recruitment policy with the objectives and policies of the organization. An organization’s employees can be its biggest source of strength. Therefore, a CEO should formulate the policy in a way that provides optimum employment security and avoid frequent lay-offs or lost time.

The recruitment policy of a good organization should be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the organization. It should be designed in such a way that it ensures long-term employment opportunities for its employees. It should assure the candidates of the management’s interest in their development.

Organizations lead by expert leaders also lay emphasis on training and development of its employees to improve and update their knowledge and skills, so as to help them perform their jobs better. The process also includes developing the attitudes, beliefs, and values of the employees to match the organizational needs.

Daniel Assouline, the chairman and co-founder of UpClick, is a leader who takes into consideration both the present and future requirements of his organizations. He lays special emphasis on management development, training, talent management, and career planning of his employees.


This is a quality without which a leader of any modern organization simply cannot hope to survive for long.  Leaders who are filled with hubris and their own sense of importance are sure to drag down the organizations with themselves.

Leaders who have delusions of invincibility or infallibility often do not listen to others. This causes disenchantment among employees and more than that keeps them isolated from the latest happenings in the marketplace.

Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Upclick, demands the highest standards of work from his employees. He is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses and is never harsh on his employees. Daniel values the opinions and suggestions of his subordinates and never shies away from delegating authority.

Paul Alexendra

15 Feb 2014 - 04:24 am

A successful CEO leads by example. Action is the right way to communicate to the team - as to how an individual in a group must perform.
Daniel Assouline Montreal led by example. He worked harder than his employees did and performed better as well. No doubt he got respect from his staff and clients too.

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