Daniel Assouline
Globalization of markets and information technology has combined to create a renaissance of sorts.

We are today in a “networked economy”.

Rather, most commercial establishments and retailers have taken to information technology in a big way. Those who have not yet already are realizing the importance and are making efforts to do so.  

And those who do not are likely to perish.

Daniel Assouline of Upclick is one among the modern day pioneers who is helping entrepreneurs realize and leverage the importance of digital marketing.

Why digital marketing?

Digital marketing brings global reach that is so essential not only to survive during recessionary trends but also to trigger growth.

With mobile phones, laptops, and computers having become essential gizmos for people on a daily basis, companies need to adopt digital marketing strategies fast.

E-commerce is all set to be the future of marketing. In less than a decade from now we may see digital media replacing all other types altogether.

This poses a challenge to traditional organizations.

Traditional organizations that decide to embrace information technology have work cut out for them. It requires reconfiguration and restructuring in a big way.

A transformation of this magnitude redefines the essence of leadership. This undoubtedly is a challenge organizations must face up to, and confront it successfully.

Traditional economy as we know it is built on the notion of controls.

Human resources are controlled through structure and hierarchy whereas material resources are controlled through vertical and horizontal integration. Classic examples of companies built on “old economy” are U.S. Steel, General Motors, and Xerox.

Information technology oriented economy requires a different style of functioning.

Daniel Assouline of Upclick understood this well in time.


Meeting the Challenge

Yes it is true. Effective leaders all through realize that the essence of their task is to get the job done while at the same time build commitment of employees toward company values and goals.

But carrying out these responsibilities today needs a revolutionary approach.

The present business environment is complex. This complexity is increasing by the day. Reasons are many.

• Globalization of business - Requiring the ability to penetrate new markets having alien cultures.

• The regulatory environment – with the emphasis to “Go Green”.

• Technology– The pressure to adopt emerging technologies because the competitor is doing so.

• Information overload– As per an estimate every day nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created.  This is the size of the global traffic. For most companies it is impossible to assimilate this volume of data, leave alone make any sense of it.

• Lack of skills to solve problems– Lack of sophisticated problem solving competency is taxing companies’ financial resources as well as employee time.

Daniel Assouline is a new world entrepreneur. He realized that to solve present day problems one needs to make a paradigm shift in the mind set.

Fixation to tradition must be forsaken. Instead all efforts must be to look at the big picture, be open to new ideas, and, importantly, look beyond self for capabilities and resources.

The solutions provided by Daniel Assouline of Upclick are adequate proof that companies can adopt e-commerce with confidence.
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