Daniel Assouline
Daniel Assouline of UpClick, when he is not busy finding solutions for e-commerce, unwinds himself with two of his favorite passions – sea and cooking.

With the breakneck speed at which he has to confront today’s e-commerce issues, he deserves well-earned breaks.

Daniel Assouline, a serial entrepreneur to the core, knew that the future of information technology and e-commerce means bigger, faster, and stronger innovation, but innovation has drawbacks. With every technology shift, there will be no dearth of criticism.

Innovations will drive the future

Do we not remember what happened when web first came into picture?

Web-based applications, as compared to the then available client/server architectures, were condemned as suffering from rudimentary user interfaces, mediocre performance, and intricacy due to poor software components.

However, things have changed with time.

Today, web applications have moved far enough to allow various production applications to operate from the web. Users are benefiting by easy access from anywhere on the globe with a standard browser interface.

It is a just matter of time before web applications will make their presence felt in a big way, and client/ server applications become obsolete.

Presently, technological environment has moved beyond PC-based browser applications to smart phones and tablets as clients’ preferred devices.

Daniel Assouline of UpClick has not failed to see this trend. His venture upclick.com, the complete online payment processing solution, has In-App compatible carts, allowing it to be compatible with any browser including mobile.
Transformations are taking place at an overwhelming pace – a situation predicted by Alvin Toffler more than 40 years ago. He had used the expression “information overload” to refer to the unsettled reaction people will experience when they are overwhelmed by continuous technological change.

Ray Kurzweil, a director of engineering at Google and described as the “restless genius” by the Wall Street Journal and the “ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes Inc., has predicted that from now on technological change will happen so rapidly every decade to equal the change that has occurred during the entire 20th century.

This will put a lot of demand on the leadership qualities needed to grapple with this change.

Daniel Assouline of UpClick is one such entrepreneur having the foresight to look way beyond the present.

There is no dispute that we need leaders having exceptional foresight.

 The world will keenly watch what tools, framework, and approaches new leaders will adopt to manage and keep pace with change.

What will be the role of a chief information officer of the future?

The chief information officer will be the nucleus of any organization working closely with business executives planning strategies to leverage the present technology to grapple with future challenges.

The position will require a blend of analytical prescience, management prowess, and not to mention personal charisma.

Did anyone dream even a decade ago that IT leaders will have to deal with cloud computing, its security, and virtualization?

In another 10 years, it would not be surprising if the IT department itself will move into the cloud.

Admittedly, when this happens, leaders like Daniel Assouline will have to tap the power of collaboration in the cloud.
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