Daniel Assouline
Daniel Assouline, UpClick's co-founder, displays all qualities of a successful leader. He knows about teamwork, respects his workforce, and strives to employ the best people for the company.

Daniel has earned the goodwill of people, who include his business associates and clients, through his ethical and professional behavior. He has also earned the respect of his workforce and has become an inspiration to aspiring CEOs.

Daniel, who is currently working as the CEO of Lavasoft, learnt business early in life, at the age of 17. This is when he first developed software and sold it to Sanyo. This was his first tryst with the world of business. There was no looking back after this.

An engineering graduate and an MBA, Daniel Assouline exhibits traits that are needed for a good entrepreneur. Some qualities are inborn, but most are learnt. When talents and skills meet, you can expect a powerful venture. This is exactly what happened in Daniel’s case. He has a talent to lead, so he combined it with business skills, interpersonal skills, and the skill to visualize big goals. Here we are with UpClick, a company that provides excellent payment processing services online.
Grabbing opportunities as they come

A skilled entrepreneur knows how to use global opportunities to his or her business profit. This is where the real test of your business skills lie. In today’s age, if you wish your business to spread its wings, you must think global, not local.

Daniel has the knack to keep himself updated of the trends in the global market. His expertise in developing competitive strategies, combined with a positive attitude towards his workforce, opens doors for a successful business. He has oodles of self-confidence, plus confidence in his employees. The last one is crucial, because if you don’t believe in what your employees can do, you cannot march ahead with a business idea.


Acting as the situation demands

Sometimes, shrewdness is needed in doing business, but with employees you need to be straightforward and empathetic in approach. This is what Daniel believes and does. The result is in front of the world. UpClick continues to provide amazing internet solutions to online merchants. It is growing in popularity and its reviews are encouraging.

Actions speak louder than words. Daniel has proved this right. This is one CEO who believes in hard work, smart planning, and teamwork. These are some of the key elements of successful entrepreneurship.

Daniel Assouline, UpClick.com's ex-CEO, also believes in the right selection of candidates for the job. A person unskilled in a particular task can hardly do the job well. Similarly, a person not interested in the particular task cannot put the kind of enthusiasm and quality required for a job well done. Only when you employ the right people for the right job can you successfully motivate them and expect high performance from them.

This is an important lesson to be learnt in entrepreneurship. Daniel has learnt his lessons and the ropes well. This makes him the perfect CEO for UpClick. No wonder people like Daniel are popular and needed in the world of business. Daniel Assouline, UpClick.com's prior CEO, is a star.

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