Daniel Assouline
Leaders are responsible for formulating strategies and providing visions to the organization. Daniel Assouline, the CEO of UpClick.com, is a responsible, dependable, and self-motivated leader whose acumen and people-centric approach continues to take his organization to new heights.

The complexity of tasks, issues, and challenges in a complex business environment requires participative and collaborative decision making. An organization is sure to falter if all the decisions are taken at the top without the consent and participation of subordinates.

Leaders are sure to drag down the organizations with themselves if a feeling of hubris sets in. Filled with a grandeur sense of self-importance, they are more likely to make errors and take bad strategic decisions. Self-confidence is an important trait of success leaders. Problems arise when self-confidence turns into over confidence.

Leaders need to have belief in their abilities and their problem solving and decision making abilities. At the same time, they must also show confidence in the abilities, suggestions, and opinions of their employees.

Some other important characteristics that a leader must display are as following:

Excellent Communication Skills

Superior communication skill is a major factor that differentiates a successful leader from a non-successful one. A leader of any modern organization has to wear many different shoes and fulfill various different roles. Under such circumstances it is impossible to become a good leader without being a good communicator.

History bears testimony to the fact that all the successful leaders down the ages had ideas and the skill to communicate those ideas to their followers in such a way that they appealed to their senses and emotions. These great leaders knew that a message unless it strikes an emotional chord with the listeners is just a waste of time.

The overwhelming majority of top leadership of an organization spends their time each day in some type of an interpersonal situation. This makes it imperative for leaders to possess exceptional communication abilities. A leader without sound communication skill is most unlikely to succeed in an organization or elsewhere.

Daniel Assouline is the Chairman and co-founder of UpClick and CEO of UpClick.com. His effective communication skills have played an important part in shaping his career. He is great communicator and an astute listener. This gives him an uncanny ability to tailor his messages according to the given situation.

Effective and Efficient Decision making Abilities

Good decision making abilities go hand in hand with good communication skills. Modern leaders should have the ability to take quick decisions. Organizations function in a highly competitive business environment. Even a slight delay can leave you playing catch up games with your competitors.

Daniel Assouline is a quick and effective decision maker. He also pays attention to the training needs of his employees to sharpen their analytical and problem solving skills.

In this age of globalization and tough competition, organization culture along with leadership style play a very important role in the success of a modern organization.

Daniel Assouline, the CEO of UpClick.com, knows that the culture of an organization is not created by declaration; it is mostly unwritten or unstated assumptions, values, beliefs, and attitude. His hard work and passion have created a culture of shared feelings and shared thinking in his organization.
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